New Titanfall Xbox One details - Pilot and Titan load-outs explained

Abilities, kits and Cores revealed by new footage

Titanfall had a top-secret, highly hush-hush period of alpha testing over the weekend, as you may have deduced from an eruption of new gameplay videos. I'm not going to publish any of them here, because it would make uncle EA terribly sad, and the lawyers are on the warpath. Still, where's the harm in passing on a little info on loadouts? If you're desperate to see footage, there's always Youtube.

You'll get to customise two loadouts in Titanfall - one for your Pilot, one for your Titan. Pilots get a primary weapon, an Anti-Titan weapon and a sidearm, plus a Tactical Ability slot, an Ordnance slot for grenades and two kit slots. Examples of Tactical Abilities include a timed cloak. Examples of kit slot items include a Power Cell, which recharges your Tac Ability faster, and a Minion Detector, which reveals AI-controlled Grunts and Spectres.


Titans have just the one (obscenely powerful) weapon, but have the same loadout options as Pilots. Examples of a Titanfall kit slot item include a Regen Booster for the Titan's shield, an Auto-Eject feature, Survivor ("your Titan degrades slower when doomed") and Nuclear Ejection, which is comparable to Martyrdom from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - the Titan will explode on death.

Titans also have Core Abilities, which are available in-game after a countdown once you've summoned your Titan. A Damage Core, for instance, will eventually charge up the Titan's offensive capabilities.

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For more on Pilot classes, read this. For more on Titan classes, read that. Any thoughts on all this?