Titanfall Xbox One alpha trial registration site goes live

"Stand by for Titanfall", proclaims new EA page

EA appears to have launched an alpha trial registration site for Titanfall on Xbox One, with more details to follow. If you're interested - and I'm fairly confident that you are - you might want to hold fire for the moment: the publisher has yet to formally confirm the program's existence, though the Xbox Support team have indicated that there's a public trial in the offing.

Update 2 - Respawn has confirmed that an alpha trial is on the cards. However, it's extremely small-scale and is limited to North America. There's no news on a public beta test right now.

Update 1 - A Microsoft spokesperson has commented on our report. "We are very excited for Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts' 'Titanfall' on Xbox and look forward to hearing more about the game in the coming weeks and months. For more information or additional inquiries regarding 'Titanfall,' please reach out to Electronic Arts directly."

Original story continues - Several NeoGAF users report that they've received "exclusive" invites to the alpha from the domain, which has reportedly been used for EA trial invitations before. Click through to the page, which is hosted on, and you'll be asked to input your Origin membership information. One user has posted a screen of what he or she claims is the post-registration screen, below.


There's also this shot of the terms and conditions.


And finally, we have the below from Xbox Support.

All that said, the official Titanfall Twitter has nothing to say on the subject for the moment. Again, hedge your bets till EA makes an official announcement - I imagine this will take place once North America wakes up.

I'll keep you posted.