Netflix bugs on Xbox One - how to improve or fix video streaming

Don't cross the streams, do test your internet connection

So I had a quick stroll around the Xbox One subreddit yesterday while wrestling with that age-old foe of humanity, the common cold, and it appears that a number of people are having difficulty with the console's newfangled Netflix app.

The below round-up of suggestions won't necessarily sort things out for good - there are too many variables in play, not least where you live and the quality of your internet connection - but it might save you the trouble of calling the official helpline. Feel free to add pointers of your own.


To begin with, a few tips on improving your internet in general. Such is the prevalence of household wireless devices nowadays that it's common for routers to become "confused" - make sure yours has room to breathe by placing it well away from cordless phones and the like. To extend its reach, you should also lift it off the floor, and preferably position it at the centre of your house. Experiment with plugging your console directly into the router: if online performance improves dramatically, the wireless signal is probably to blame for any outages.

It's also, of course, worth testing your network connection - fire up the Settings app, then pick Network Settings - and checking the official Xbox Live status page for service alerts.

Now, onto Netflix itself. If you're streaming video via the Netflix site on the console's web browser, you may run into an "ActiveX error" - the easiest workaround is to download and install the official Netflix app, thus cutting out the middleman.

If you're already using the app, the program itself may be at fault. For starters, try logging out by pressing the menu button while using the app, then logging back in - if you're getting the error code X7111-1331-5005, this could be useful. You can also delete the app (Go to My Games and Apps, select Netflix and hit the menu button) and reinstall it to "clean the slate".

If you're getting error code X7111-1331-4027, try restarting the Xbox One by unplugging it, waiting 10 seconds, then plugging it back in and switching it on using the power button (not voice controls). As with tech woes in general, switching a machine on and off is usually the easiest way to work out the kinks.

Those hit by error code X7361-1254-C00D7159 may be experiencing problems with the connection between the console and your TV. If that's you, try connecting the device straight to the TV rather than piping the signal through any other devices. You can also reverse the ends of the HDMI cable, or use a different HDMI port.

Still struggling? Well, you could always try human sacrifice, but you should probably give the Netflix support team a shout first. Less mess that way. If there are any other features of the Xbox One you'd like help with, sound off in the comments and I'll see what I can do.

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