Lionhead hints at "cutting edge" new game, not necessarily Fable Legends

Update: Animator's LinkedIn profile mentions both Fable Legends and "an unannounced project"

Just a few days ago, Lionhead Studios posted up a job listing for a technical director to helm a "cutting edge" new game. A few days before that, the company also called for a senior services engineer to join its ranks "as a key contributor on an exciting and ambitious new title". Well now - got something you'd like to tell us, Microsoft?

Update: Thanks to the eagle-eyed Steve Burnley for sending me this heads-up. London-based animator Franck Laurin's LinkedIn profile suggests that up until September 2013, he was at Lionhead Studios working on both Fable Legends and an "unannounced project." The plot thickens.

Original story continues: Before you go and say "silly OXM, it's probably just referring to Fable Legends, but doesn't explicitly mention it," brace for impact. To you I'll put this question - why would they not mention Fable Legends in those postings, and then go and put it in a listing for a programmer job just three days later?


So, let's just throw caution to the winds for a moment and assume this is in fact a new project that we haven't yet heard of. What kind of game are we talking? Well, the Technical Director listing calls for experience "working on MMORPGs, Multiplayer games or Action/Adventure titles on Xbox 360, PS3, or PC," and working with Unreal engine and on games "as a service" are listed as "highly desirable" experiences.

The Senior Services Engineer posting, which went live on 9th January, calls for potential candidates interested in working on an "exciting and ambitious new title." According to the blurb, the ideal person for the job would have "proven experience in designing and implementing services for highly concurrent and highly available social online game experiences, ideally in a cloud based environment." Experience working with "Online/Multiplayer/MMO games" is also desirable.

What do you think - is the "New Game" thing just Legends in disguise, or is it something else entirely?