Grand Theft Auto 5 update introduces new anti-cheating measures

GTA Online fix clamps down on cash and RP exploits

If you've made a habit of making all your money in GTA Online from illicit activities (well, illicit in the real-world sense, anyway), you might consider yourself to be in a zone of danger right now.

Title update 1.09, which is available now, introduces new and improved "anti-cheating measures," as well as a "fix for several GTA$ and RP exploits" for GTA Online, according to the Rockstar Support page.


This update is in addition to the one from earlier this month, which saw the game get twenty new missions and a new Capture mode, as well as a feature that allows users to create and share their own jobs. It's good to see Rockstar is still updating and improving the game, and flushing out any would-be cheaters. The developer has also said that ideas abandoned during the game's initial production could end up being re-introduced via GTA Online. Are you still hanging out in Los Santos, or have you moved on to consoles new?