Update - Skyrim Xbox One listing is an error, Bethesda teaser is a hoax

Peter Hines shoots down rumour

Dus Roh Fah! Dus Foh Rah! Sorry, how does it go again? Bethesda's Xbox 360, PC and PS3 hit The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim appears to be on its way to Xbox One and PS4, according to a database entry on the game's official site, spotted by OnlySP and passed on by Eurogamer.

Update - Alack, Bethesda's Peter Hines has poured cold water all over our raging expectations. He's also branded the email teaser a hoax. Nothing to see here, then.

Original story continues: The text in question has now been removed. It follows an email to press that makes mention of a "very special announcement" on 12th January. The email font isn't particularly Elder Scrolls-ish, if you ask me - it's more redolent of Bethesda's other big RPG series, Fallout. A new instalment of either would do me just fine.

Presumably, an Xbox One version of Skyrim would benefit from overhauled visuals and sound, and include all DLC content to date. It might also make extended use of the console's more advanced Kinect sensor (the Xbox 360 version now supports voice commands).


As revealed by Bethesda Softworks marketing boss Peter Hines last June, Skyrim game director Todd Howard is currently working on a "really awesome" unannounced project that has nothing to do with the forthcoming Elder Scrolls Online from Zenimax Online.

"Zenimax Online Studio is an MMO shop," he told us. "They're making an Elder Scrolls MMO and that is 100 per cent unrelated to... Todd Howard, at this point, has earned the right to do what the hell he wants; nobody gets to tell him different and nobody gets to dictate to him what he gets to do.

"You're laughing because you know it's true," Hines continued. "Do you think that even I would go to Todd and say 'listen, I know you want to do this, but these other guys...?' He gets to do whatever he wants. Him and his team are moving forward with the stuff that they want to work on and where they want to go next in making games."

NeoGAF points out that there's some hidden text at the bottom of the Bethesda email - it's a quote from the Book of Revelations. "And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood." Revelations = apocalypse = Fallout? Time will tell. As Twitter user Quicksilveraus notes, this could also be a reference to the water purifier mission at the end of Fallout 3.

Any bets? I'd say a next gen Skyrim is very feasible, but I somehow doubt that's all Bethesda has up its sleeve. Those Fallout 4 rumours continue to swirl.