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10 things to try in Forza 5 for Xbox One

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Up the Drivatar difficulty

Forza 5's Drivatar system is great, but you'll probably need to up the difficulty more than you expect to, even if you're not the most seasoned racer. Racing like this not only allows you to earn credits faster, it also makes the game much more enjoyable, as you'll be encouraged to drive more aggressively and push the car to the limit in order to get ahead.


Rent a car

The best way to get the feel of the game's faster cars is to hop into free race mode. Here, you can rent a handful of different cars to try out in different races. You won't earn credits or experience while doing so, but it'll give you a feel of the kind of rigorous competition to come later on down the line.

Force feedback

You have to make sure your new Xbox One controller has the force feedback switched on. Forza 5 shows off the controller's impressive new rumble features better than any other launch game. Having the triggers vibrate independently as you brake, accelerate and make contact with the track makes for one of the best racing experiences we've had on a traditional pad.

Invest in a second motor

In order to get yourself involved in as many racing leagues as possible, you should invest in a second car as quickly as you can. Once you've got a decent chunk of credits together from your first set of races, buy something in a different car class from your first drive. This will allow entry into a more diverse set of leagues.

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Master the Top Gear track

Forza 5 includes the famous Top Gear test track. While it might not seem it to begin with, it's a pretty tough track to get perfect. You should start practicing your hot laps to put in the best times and rank yourself up the leaderboards. This applies to all tracks, of course. Clarkson would be proud.

Experiment with assists

Just like the Drivatar difficulty, racing with less driving assists turned on means you can amass bonuses when you win points. The less assists you have turned on, the more cash you'll walk away with at the end of each race. Find the perfect balance by experimenting with things like traction control and braking assists, and you can maximise your earning potential.

Keep an eye on your Drivatar

Once you've completed your first few races, your Drivatar will be sent off into the wide world to race for you in other player's games. Make sure to check back regularly for any credits it manages to win for you while out on track. The money it earns will be extremely useful for curating a large number of cars.

Xbox, record that

The Xbox One's new DVR functionality means you can quickly start recording footage straight from your console without interrupting your race. Taunt your friends by recording footage of you pulling off impressive passes on their unwitting Drivatars and then uploading it to your feed. Bants.


Time travel

Take a welcome trip back to 1976 as soon as you can. Niki Lauda's Ferrari and James Hunt's McLaren are an absolute treat to drive around any circuit, and they make a welcome change from the traditional Forza formula. Take the two beasts for a spin around any of the game's famous F1 tracks - Spa, Catalunya, Silverstone or Abu Dhabi.

Get personal

Not only can you spend hours upon hours in Forza's incredibly deep car customisation suite, designing your own vinyls and making a car your own, but you can also begin to upgrade and customise the specs in the garage. By doing this, you can take a favourite car between different leagues that have their own distinct parameters for entry.