Slender: The Arrival coming to Xbox 360 this spring

Downloadable title to feature extra content, spare pair of trousers not included

Squeeee. If the Slender Man had a face, I'd probably kiss it. Publisher Midnight City today announced that first-person indie horror Slender: The Arrival, previously a PC-only title, is finally coming to Xbox Live this spring.

The console release will add a "smooth layer of polish" to the PC version, and add two brand new 'Flashback' levels that will only unlock once the main game has been completed. These eerie levels will transport players back in time to fill the role of Slender Man's previous victims.

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Slender: The Arrival first launched on PC last March, and was itself an updated, re-imagined version of freeware game Slender: The Eight Pages. In it, you played the part of a young woman, armed only with a torch, investigating a forested area in the dead of night whilst being followed by a figure known only as the Slender Man. The game gained no small measure of infamy thanks to the thousands of Let's Play videos it inspired, including those of the now-internet famous PewDiePie, whose career it helped launch.

No price for the console release has been given just yet. I played the original Slender: The Eight Pages many moons ago and struggled to get past the second page due to EXTREME TERROR. Have any of you played it?

Thanks, Digital Spy.