Killer Instinct patch introduces Classic Jago and Orchid costumes

Update addresses several in-game issues, Sabrewulf is new free character

Killer Instinct has received its first big patch today, which switches the game's one free character from Jago to Sabrewulf. It's live now, so go on - get downloading.

Full patch notes have been posted to the Double Helix forums here. It's a big update - 675MB in total, but it addresses several character balancing issues and KI store issues, fixes save data problems and makes sure the game now offers full controller support. Best of all - it introduces two classic character costumes; one for Jago and one for Orchid, which each include new accessories for you to play around with. Orchid's accessories include a Jazzercise headband and leg-warmers - as if I didn't love her enough already. Check out the new costumes out below, or click here to watch Arekkz Gaming's in-depth patch notes video which details how you can go about unlocking Jago's new costume.

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Thanks to Arekkz Gaming for the heads-up and for the videos.