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Xbox One OS update: 14 fixes we want to see

I love you, you're perfect, now change

So then - the honeymoon period is officially over. We've spent our first Christmas and New Year together, and though the relationship is still going from strength to strength, we can't help but notice one or two little things our Xbox One could do to secure our everlasting love. Obviously, we're not perfect either, but we don't have the benefit of regular downloadable updates.

Handily, Microsoft built Xbox One to be flexible, and every one of its main features can be tweaked post-release without requiring a full-on NXE-style reboot. The firm has already promised that it's listening to feedback about Xbox One features, and OS updates are incoming - so we thought we'd be helpful and put together a list of fifteen simple little fixes that could streamline your console experience and make everything shine that little bit brighter.

Slicker Achievement notifications

The removal of Xbox 360's Guide means that Achievements take longer to view. Now when an Achievement notification appears, holding down the Xbox button will take you out of the game you're playing and reboot the separate Achievements app, even if it was already running in the background. Then, rather than a list that instantly tells you what the Achievement is and what you did to unlock it, you must scroll through screenshots and click on each one to find out what the prerequisites for obtaining its corresponding Achievement was. We do appreciate that Achievement notifications are now queued up in the menu in the top right, rather than being lost forever - but we'd like that to be followed by an an update that'll bring the entire process more in line with how quick and easy it used to be.


A battery indicator for the controller

This one really should be a no-brainer. On the Xbox 360 you could press a button at any time and see at a glance how much battery life you had left in your wireless controller. On the Xbox One? No such luck - you're simply left to guess. We're not sure whether the indicator's omission was an oversight on Microsoft's part or an attempt to further streamline the Xbox One's minimalist interface, but either way it's sorely missed. Bring it back with the next update, pls.

A hard drive space indicator and hard drive management

Undoubtedly one of the Xbox One's most asked-for updates is the ability to see just how much space those mandatory game installs are taking up on the console's hard drive. The idea is that everything's organised silently and easily by the cloud, but as early-adopting technophiles we crave the fine detail - and let's be honest, once Titanfall and chums start showing up later this year we're going to need it. For that reason, we're expecting this to be addressed sooner rather than later.


Post Achievements to Twitter and Facebook

Some might find this potential feature irritating or even intrusive, but giving players the option to share (read: boast) their Achievements via social media simply makes sense in this day and age - especially when other *ahem* rival consoles are already providing users with the means to do just that. Whilst we're talking sharing, actually, how about a new feature that would allow you to take a screenshot with a voice command ("Xbox, take a picture" rather than "Xbox, record that") and then share that picture to online friends? Again, this is something we're classifying as a "when" rather than "if" - Xbox 360 still has the ability to do both, albeit somewhat clunkily, so we suspect it was something that didn't quite make the Xbox One launch.

TV passthrough when console is on standby

Rather than forcing users to have their console on at all times, it'd be nice if Xbox One were able to support TV passthrough even when the console isn't fully on. It's a waste of valuable slobbing-around time to have to either navigate your Xbox One or unplug your Sky box when all you want to do is catch up on a bit of telly without having to consult the middle-man.

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