Quantum of Solace

Were we left shaken and stirred? Yes, but not for the right reasons

What was your favourite bit in Casino Royale? Was it Bond's fist fight with the bald goon on top of a speeding train? Or was it the bit where Bond stealthily slinked after Vesper in Venice, to a soundtrack of exploding grenades and the death rattle of numerous machine guns?

If you can't recall those bits, it's because they're not actually in Casino Royale. We could fill the page with scenes that developer Treyarch has invented for the sake of creating a better game - the train siege, the nailgun boss fight, the shoot-out in the casino - but you're here to read about Quantum of Solace and not the Be Kind Rewind version of Casino Royale that Treyarch appears to have sat through.

Which brings us to our next point. If you're wondering why a Quantum of Solace review is referencing Casino Royale at all, well, ask Treyarch. At least two-thirds of this game plunder moments from Casino Royale and not the film shown on the box art.

Quantum of Solace happily jumps from its own scenes to Casino Royale and back without any kind of strand or line of thought connecting the two, as though Treyarch is literally designing each level as it remembers them.

As for the game itself, it's an astonishingly boring shoot-out from start to finish. A Bond world filled with brain-dead goons and endless machine-gun fire, scattered with gleaming gas canisters ready to explode at the slightest encouragement. The game doesn't really expect you to act like Bond, instead treating you like a magpie with a shotgun, happy to shoot at anything that shines and coo at the ensuing explosion.

Stealth is encouraged, but only because alarms set off infinite enemy respawns. Gadgets are used, but only to open doors. Daniel Craig is there, but only to look around slightly bored and confused when you take cover.

Quantum of Solace never manages to be a Bond game: at the tiniest of nudges, it panics and starts unleashing gunfire. It's clumsy, it's messy, it's not much fun and most of the time, it's not even the right film.

The verdict

Completely unlike any Bond film ever made

  • Environments look nice
  • Lots of multiplayer options
  • One-note gameplay throughout
  • Nothing like Bond at all
  • So very, very dull
Xbox 360
Shoot 'em Up