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Second huge Xbox Games on Demand/Arcade sale includes free Wolf Among Us

GTA 5, Hitman, SSX, Fight Night and more up to 75% off

Christmas! It's a time of giving. And also, indulging yourself. But mainly giving. With a substantial side order of indulging yourself. Fortunately, Microsoft has taken steps to ensure that you can indulge yourself without burning through all the Santa money - well, not unless you buy literally every one of the Games on Demand and Xbox Live Arcade titles that are now on offer till 31st December.

Recommendations? Well, definitely download that free copy of The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 - it's fantastic, according to Aoife. I'd also give serious thought to picking up Civilization Revolution ($7.50/£4.99), SSX ($4.99/£4.99) and Brothers A Tale of Two Sons ($4.94/£3.29). A number of PopCap titles are also on sale today and today only - read about them on Major Nelson's blog.


Games on Demand/Arcade sale - till 31st December

The Wolf Among Us - free
Diablo 3 - 33% off
GTA 5 - 33% off
NCAA Football 14 75% off
Madden NFL 25 - 50% off
Bully - 75% off
SSX - 75% off
Civilization Revolution - 75% off
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men - 75% off
Turbo Super Stunt Squad - 50% off
Hitman Absolution - 60% off
Fight Night Champion - 75% off
Midnight Club: Los Angeles - 75% off
Mini Ninjas - 75% off
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows - 75% off
Flashback - 67% off
Charlie Murder - 67% off
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - 67% off
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - 67% off
Gotham City Imposters - 75% off
I Am Alive - 75% off
Deadlight - 75% off
Frogger - 50% off
DuckTales: Remastered - 50% off
Foul Play - 50% off
Orc Attack - 50% off