Next Mass Effect in a "playable" state, according to Bioware staff

"Ambitious. Beautiful. Fresh but recognizable."

Like many, we're almost ready to wind down for the Christmas break. However, some of the lucky folk working at Bioware have wrapped up for Christmas by playing the latest build of the mysterious new Mass Effect game, currently in development. Some people get all the luck.

The news comes by way of a tweet from Aaryn Flynn, general manager of Bioware's Edmonton and Montreal studios and spotted by Game Informer. The tweet gives only the briefest teases of a Bioware logo in space, but we'll take what we can in these cold winter months.

The last we saw of whatever the new Mass Effect game will be was back during "N7" day (November 7th) when Bioware teased some in-production shots of various developers working on the game.

Here's Ed's thoughts on where he thinks the next epic space saga could start from, but what do you want to see from the next Mass Effect?