Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition to include optional Kinect features

"The amount of extra work has pushed the boundaries beyond just TressFX and upgraded textures."

Some new details have been trickling through about next month's Definitive Edition of the very popular Tomb Raider reboot, due for release at the end of January for Xbox One. Crystal Dynamics are keen to stress that the upgrades are more than just porting over the higher resolution textures and TressFX hair tech from the PC version of Lara's adventures.

Speaking in an official Q&A session with fans on the official Tomb Raider forums, Crystal Dynamics executive producer Scot Amos said that work on the Definitive Edition "started at the end of the X360/PS3/PC versions" that they later built on top of.


"We now have a new particle system, new lighting work and enhanced shadow-casters, tons of more visual storytelling elements (more debris, more details on walls, more density in the environment for vegetation), upgraded characters (Lara and main story NPCs), and we've also put all of the DLC materials into this version for PS4/Xbox One."

Amos also mentioned how the next-generation iterations will feature support for voice commands via Kinect, saying that they're used "to enhance Lara's actions or as shortcuts into various menus and upgrade screens to reduce some of the user navigation. We also use them for things like switching weapons, switching ammo types, and other such shortcuts."

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Finally, Scott mentions that the divisive multiplayer portion has been "rewritten" from the back end, using data from "over 19 million multiplayer matches" from the previous versions of Tomb Raider, meaning multiplayer matches should be smoother and more enjoyable.

Will you be picking up Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition on Xbox One, or are you hungry for some new adventures from Lara? In case you need reminding, here's our original review of the game.