Killer Instinct dev Double Helix's secret "next gen" action shooter revealed

May have been in development since September 2011

Remember that "unannounced IP" from Killer Instinct developer Double Helix we uncovered earlier in the month? Well, I'd say that there's a fair chance it's the "unannounced action shooter" mentioned by senior VFX artist Allen Will on his LinkedIn page (discovered by NeoGAF). Plots are thickening, no doubt about it.

The game described by Will is for "next gen" and PC - he began work on it after being appointed to the role in September 2011, having previously worked on an "unannounced FPS project" for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Going by the references to "various effects such as smoke, energy, plasma, disintegration, electricity and explosions", the next gen game is a science fiction affair. The unannounced Xbox 360/PS3 game, meanwhile, features "explosions and rifle based weapon effects as well [as] organic/humanoid weapons, melee and character effects". It's possible that they're one and the same project, originally intended for release on current gen systems.

Meanwhile, I can't help but notice that game artist James Paick of Scribble Pad Studios has updated his CG Society page with yet more artworks for the "unannounced IP". There's a depiction of a "crime scene" that's covered with holographic evidence trails, and a number of artworks of a bustling, futuristic city. I've added them to the gallery below along with the original images revealed by Paick, who has yet to reply to my email.

Hopefully, we'll get some closure on all this before long.