The best Xbox One mods, skins and custom tech

Thinking outside (and inside) the box

You'd have to be mad to want to modify your Xbox One. Utterly, utterly crackers-with-a-lump-of-Gorgonzola, I tell you. There are some things Man just Wasn't Meant To Know, and among those things is what a motherboard looks like, or what a warranty sounds like when it expires (spoilers: it makes a sort of hideously drawn-out, undersea moaning noise, like the opening of a cursed sarcophagus).

Still, it would be na´ve to suggest that the idea doesn't have a certain, morbid fascination - and it's possible that this is a fascination that can only be sated, not cured. With that in mind, please accept the below round-up of currently known Xbox One mods, skins, custom controllers and assorted homebrew bricabrac. Just to be clear, meddling with the Xbox One hardware in any way may invalidate your warranty - attempt at your own risk.

1. The Xbox One NES

Not keen on the Xbox One's breed of black, supposedly "the blackest black creatable"? Pining for bygone decades, when beige was the rage and it was perfectly OK to release hardware with visible buttons? Have a think about these stick-on decals, created by House of Graffix. There are decals for the Kinect sensor, too.

2. The Xbox One Point One

When it comes to gaming desktop PCs, there appears to be one Golden Rule: your PC must be internally lit and have a window in the side, so that people can gaze in awe at all the graphicsability chugging away. This modder has applied the same principle to the Xbox One.

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3. The Home-Grown Xbox One headset adaptor

Microsoft will release an adaptor for headsets that aren't compatible with the Xbox One at some point next year. Kotaku reader alsybub wasn't prepared to wait, however. "I simply opened up the headset connector, de-soldered the standard headset and soldered a 3.5 mm jack cable to the same points," he told the site. "It looks like a product you might buy in a store, and it should work with any headset. It took around 15 minutes to complete." If you're feeling brave/foolhardy, click this.


4. Xbox 360 Controller support for Xbox One

If you're weary of the One's magnificent new controller, perhaps because you've crushed it to a pulp after one too many rounds of Killer Instinct, there's a little device known as CronusMax that makes the console compatible with a number of other controllers, including Wii Remotes, Dualshocks, PC keyboards and the original Xbox 360 pad. Apparently, this won't invalidate your warranty, but exercise discretion all the same.

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5. Alternative Xbox One controller shells

Don't want to replace your Xbox One controller, but fancy a change of theme? Evil Controllers has a bunch of custom shells for sale.