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6 reasons sports games are better on Xbox One

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We love a good sports game on OXM, so we're looking forward to the bumper crop of top-notch titles coming to Xbox One. See, they're a little better trained on XO than other consoles. Here's how...

1. You get to play the legends

Only on Xbox will you get access to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends; a FIFA 14 add-on that introduces legendary players including Ruud Gullit, Pele, Patrick Vieira and Gary Lineker to your game. A number of these legends will be available at launch, but plenty more will be added to the line-up throughout the course of the coming year. The Xbox One is the only place you'll be able to bring all your favourite players from past and present together to form the most formidable football team in history.

2. You're actually the player

Plenty of sports games have excellent career modes. Many of them will be available for Xbox One launch, including FIFA 14, NBA 2K14 and Madden 25. However, in early 2014, you'll actually become the star in Kinect Sports Rivals. The next-generation of motion sensing will allow you to really take control of your in-game persona as they play tennis, bowling, soccer and several other events. Not only will your movements be tracked, but your skill will be monitored too. Your efforts will be uploaded to the Cloud, and made available for your friends to use as 'sparring partners' or rivals. Er, hence the name.


3. You call the shots

Kinect isn't just about motion sensing - it adds an extra layer of control to Xbox One's sports games. Take NBA 2K14, for example. Here you can use Kinect's microphone to call plays and make substitutions without touching a single button on the controller. Want to add a little more toughness to your front-court while you're playing as the Knicks? Simply shouting "bring on Tyson Chandler" will make the substitution happen, and could swing the game in your favour.

4. They draw in the crowds

You're a great FIFA 14 player. One of the best in the world, you think. Shame no-one can see how magnificent you are with Messi... Well, because Xbox One is always recording your game you can now show your talents to the world using Upload Studio. This means that people can show up to watch you play, and validate your opinion that you are - indeed - one of the world's elite. Either that, or they'll give you a harsh reality check. But don't worry - the true beauty of sports games on Upload is that you can learn from others, improve your game, and become the best.

5. They're powered by the Ignite engine

All next gen EA Sports titles will run on the new Ignite engine. Why should we care? Because Ignite's unique Human Intelligence feature will grant NPC athletes the ability to think like real-life players, to make split-second decisions like where to get open for a throw and when to brace for incoming collisions. It doesn't stop at AI, Ignite's True Player Motion uses biomechanics to make movement more realistic than ever. Player bodies, clothing and limbs are painstakingly modelled to ensure players move according to the laws of physics.

6. Smart Glass will help you beat opponents

Fans of Madden are in for a treat with the Xbox One version. There's a feature coming exclusively to Madden 25 called Coach Glass, and it acts as a defensive coach for you. Fire up Smart Glass on a second screen, and you'll be told about the offensive play your opponent has picked. You'll see stats about their tendencies (how often do they pass, who do they pass to etc) and the game will suggest different defensive plays to help you counter. It's like having your own defensive coach sitting next to you. Winning - only on Xbox One.

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