First Alien Isolation screenshots leak - report

Is this Creative Assembly's new Alien game?

The very first in-game screenshots of what appears to be Creative Assembly's unannounced Alien game have surfaced on Twitter, care of XBLA snoop lifelower. They show off a motion tracker, space suits and environment design that's strongly redolent of the original 1979 film. How about those chunky keyboards and CRT screens, eh?

The only thing missing is, well, an Alien. Eurogamer insists that the screenshots are legitimate, citing an unnamed contact. Lifelower has yet to explain how it got hold of them.

The new game is rumoured to star Amanda Ripley, daughter to Ellen, and supposedly takes place on a space station. There's just the one Xenomorph to deal with, we're told, though you'll also fight androids and other human beings.

According to a job listing from May last year, the game will launch on both current and next generation platforms. A pair of artworks appeared online earlier this week. Naturally, Sega has refused to comment on any of this.

What do you think (click the image to see a bigger version)? True or false? Promising, unnerving or both?