Gears of War 2's 'Seriously' achievement already unlocked

The new version of the toughest achievement has already been cracked...

Players who have acquired Gears of War 2 ahead of its release date have already unlocked the 'Seriously 2.0' achievement.

'Seriously...' was a notoriously tough achievement in Gears of War, requiring players clock up 10,000 kills in multiplayer.

However, despite 'Seriously 2.0' now needing 100,000 kills, because kills from every game mode counts, it's much easier to unlock. Friend of OXM, Stefan Hobman, has already unlocked the achievement and provided us with picture proof.

After unlocking the achievement, he tells us that:

  • There is NO gamerpic for getting Seriously 2.0, unlike the original Seriously achievement.
  • It's possible to get 100 kills a minute.
  • The achievement can be unlocked in under 24 hours actual gameplay time.
  • The easiest way to get the achievement is by repeatedly playing the last level of Gears of War 2's Campaign mode.

It's a shame that there's no gamerpic and that the achievement is much easier to unlock, as it means there's unlikely to be a 'badge of honour' achievement in the same way the original Seriously achievement was.

Which Gears of War 2 achievement do you think will take its place as the toughest to unlock?