ID@Xbox boss "super-psyched" to put No Man's Sky on Xbox One

Chris Charla wants Hello Games to get in touch

Hello Games's procedurally generated space exploration game No Man Sky has yet to be announced for a console. Microsoft's ID@Xbox program director Chris Charla would very much like this to stop being the case, pretty please.

"I would be super-psyched if they want to bring that game to Xbox," he told me in London yesterday. Is Microsoft talking to the developer about it, then? Alas, Charla was unwilling to say more, though he did grin at me in what I choose to call a quietly promising way. Make of that piece of incendiary journalistic speculation what you will.

"We are obviously huge evangelists for our platform," Charla added later in our conversation. "We think it's rad - some of the things you can do with Kinect and SmartGlass and our controller and the impulse triggers are super-cool. So we're constantly out advocating our platform, and we hope that developers give us a call."

Not familiar with No Man's Sky? It's kind of how Minecraft would roll, were Minecraft also a Colony Wars game. Players set out from the outskirts of a massive galaxy and make their way to the centre, planet by planet. It's possible to alert other players as to the existence of any planets you discover, including what sort of resources there are available. You may wish to watch the trailer, which is awesome.

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Hello Games has referred to the project as a "next gen" game, but this doesn't appear to be a reference to any particular platform. "The new consoles are really good," the studio's Sean Murray observed to Polygon recently. "But most of the games we have seen feel like experiences you could have had with the last generation. They have next-gen graphics but we are more interested in creating next-gen gameplay."

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