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Killer Instinct studio's new IP revealed? Artworks hint at Mass Effect-style setting

Freelancer updates portfolio with concept art for mystery project

There have been so many hoaxes of late that any bolt-from-the-blue reveal warrants a measure of trepidation, but this seems reasonably credible. Freelance game artist James Paick has updated his CGSociety page with shots of what he describes as an "unannounced IP" from Double Helix, developer of Xbox One launch fighter Killer Instinct and the forthcoming Strider reboot.

Based in Los Angeles, Paick is the director of ScribblePad Studios, and has created art for a large number of blockbuster projects, including Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Sony's Resistance games and Far Cry 3. According to his LinkedIn page, he's currently working as an external design consultant and concept artist for Respawn Entertainment, developer of the Microsoft exclusive Titanfall.

Badged "2013", the art reveals a setting and characters that aren't worlds away from those of Deus Ex and Mass Effect. There's no mention of platforms. What do you think? I've contacted Paick for a comment.