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The Walking Dead Season 2 hits Xbox Live on 18th December

This is All that Remains

Over a year since the heartbreaking conclusion of The Walking Dead: Season 1, the next chapter is set to officially commence next week on the Xbox 360.

In an Xbox Live Game Store update care of Major Nelson, The Walking Dead Season 2, episode 1 has finally received an Xbox 360 release date for next Wednesday, the 18th December. The American pricing for the episode (entitled 'All that Remains') is given as $4.99, with a season pass priced as $14.99, and UK costs have yet to be officially announced.


The second season is already confirmed to star Clementine, Lee's ward from previous episodes, as she attempts to stay alive in and around Georgia during the zombie apocalypse. Player choices from Season 1 and standalone DLC 400 Days will carry over into the coming episodes, and at least one other character from Season 1 will make an appearance.

Thanks, Videogamer.