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Xbox One modders unlock alternate controller support

See Killer Instinct played with keyboard and mouse, an Xbox 360 controller, and a 360 fight stick

The enterprising individuals behind the latest version of the CronusMax mod have now made it possible to open up your Xbox One for use with pretty much any controller configuration you can possibly think of, if that kind of thing has left a gaping hole in your life up until now.

In the video below, the modders are able to use Xbox 360 controllers, Xbox 360 fight sticks, a keyboard and mouse set-up and even - gasp! - rival platform controllers. Blasphemy.

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Now whilst it looks pretty nifty, modding is a slightly naughty business that immediately voids your console's warranty. As such, we definitely wouldn't recommend trying it yourself, however tempting it might be to hook up 360 controllers and arcade sticks to your new machine. The Xbox One controller is better anyway, don't you think?

Update: As @ReadyUpDan and @EslerTheGamer point out via Twitter, the CronusMax mods are for the plug-in device itself, not for your Xbox One, which apparently remains untouched. It's all still a bit shady as far as I'm concerned, so approach at your own risk.

Thanks, Eurogamer.