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Mass Effect 4 info "sometime in 2014, I hope", says BioWare GM

"That's the most specific I can be."

If you were holding out for a surprise Mass Effect reveal before the New Year - you flaming nutter - it's time to pop those expectations in the airlock. BioWare's general manager Aaryn Flynn has Tweeted that there will be "more info sometime in 2014 I hope", adding "that's the most specific I can be".

The air of uncertainty isn't reassuring - could BioWare be too busy with its new IP, Dragon Age: Inquisition and that unannounced Star Wars project to commit to a Mass Effect release before 2015? On the other hand, the developer recently teased a bunch of in-game images, so perhaps there's light at the end of the tunnel.


It's strongly suspected that the new Mass Effect is a prequel, which perhaps explores the origins of the game's non-human races. Here are seven possible starting points in the Mass Effect chronology. You may also be interested in BioWare's thoughts on possible Mass Effect spin-offs and the races and characters who never made it into the games.

Where do you want Mass Effect to go next?