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Peggle 2

Bjorn-again Peggle Masters assemble

No-one can begrudge Peggle for giving us more of the same. It's all any Peggle player wants. More beguiling arrangements of bricks and pegs. More Peggle Masters, helping out with their special skills. More gnarly outbursts from a skateboarding beaver.

What's Peggle, you ask? Well, allow us to explain, after spitting out our Rooibos with incredulity. Peggle is a game where you fire a ball at some pegs, and it bounces off them. Wait, that's not doing it justice. There are different coloured pegs, you see. It's tough to explain, but simple to play - Peggle is the perfect mix of skill, degrading into blind luck. It's a devious blend of frustration, and moments.


Very little has changed. There are new pegs, that take two hits to destroy. The bumpers are much more bouncy, which is welcome. Bonus objectives will keep you coming back, once that empty Peggle syringe is hanging out of your forearm.

The main difference is in the four new Peggle Masters, who join Bjorn. There are some light tactics, for getting the Ace Scores. Use Randolph's chaining electricity to clear the level early, and save Luna's Nightshade power for the late game. But with just five Peggle Masters, as opposed to the original game's 10, you can't help but feel like PopCap are holding back some content, here. That's hard to justify in a game that's so simple, and has changed so little. It's priced at the top end of reasonable.

From Edvard Grieg's Morning Wood (settle down at the back) on the opening screen, to Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" 9th playing as Extreme Fever takes hold, music is vital to Peggle's appeal. After a wet start with Bjorn, Peggle 2 is perfect. The new Peggle Masters all get their own twisted classical themes. Jeff gets a synth-squelch version of the William Tell Overture that feels like it's going to break out into a prog-rock solo.

Then there's the Elfman-esque rendition of In The Hall Of The Mountain King, and tunes that evoke Liz Lemon's theme from 30 Rock. The sound direction is fantastic - even the screaming goats on Jeff's levels made us laugh in wild exasperation, rather than annoyance. Peggle 2 is exactly, but not enough of, what we wanted. When you make something this addictive, you gotta supply, man.

Download Peggle 2 here. It'll set you back £9.99, and fills 1.72 GB.

The verdict

We suspect DLC will make this the game we wanted it to be. Still, it's cheap enough to recommend.

  • The same Peggle we loved back in '07
  • Good new Peggle Masters and music
  • Over too quickly for non-perfectionists
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