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Leaked art for Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation confirms female star - rumour

Is that Sigourney Weaver on the cover?

What better way to start the week than with a dose of the old spine tingles? Artworks for what appears to be Creative Assembly's unannounced Alien title - supposedly named Alien: Isolation - have surfaced over on NeoGAF. They follow rumours that the game stars Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley from the first Alien film. That sure looks like Sigourney Weaver on the cover, there.


According to a Kotaku report from October, Isolation pits you against one and just the one alien alongside more conventional foes like soldiers and cyborgs. The setting is a space station (presumably the one that's visible in the second image) and you'll make heavy use of lockers and melee weapons.

Creative Assembly announced work on a new Alien game in 2011. They were prepared to tell me little at the time, but I came away with the strong impression that the game would be more survival horror than action.


Assuming the artworks are legit, this certainly doesn't look like the sort of hyper-masculine power fantasy we've come to expect from the IP of late. What do you think?