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The most promising Xbox One games of 2014

Massive round-up of our most anticipated titles

Enjoying the New Year festivities? We can't wait to put them well and truly behind us. 2014 is absolutely riddled with promising Xbox One games, some of which were originally and tantalisingly slated to launch alongside the console. In the following behemoth of a feature, we round up coverage of the most scintillating specimens.

If you're more interested in what's currently available for the new Xbox, consider our list of the best Xbox One games so far, and if there's a great title you think we should have mentioned below, by all means sing out in the comments thread. For everything in one place, here's our list of all confirmed Xbox One games.


It's easy to be cynical about Destiny. "Halo with cloaks" was how some greeted the game's first screenshots, and the developers could perhaps have done more to dispel that impression in interviews, which have been characterised by grand promises and (until recently, at least) a shortage of real detail. Still, what we know is tremendously exciting. The game takes place in the aftermath of humanity's Golden Age, with the remnants of our species confined to a single city on Earth, protected by an enormous alien sphere known only as The Traveller.

As a Guardian, your job is to head out into the solar system and reclaim its secrets and riches from the motley alien races that have taken up residence in the wreckage of our ancient colonies. Bungie wants this to feel like your very own personal saga, and it's possible to play entirely solo if you choose, but there's a smart, behind-the-scenes drop-in multiplayer system that recalls Dark Souls. Enter a public zone, and you may spontaneously fall in with a fellow Guardian on the same quest. There's also competitive multiplayer, in which the game's human factions do battle.

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Plundering the depths of ruined edifices and space hulks is likely to be the game's key attraction - these are home to sentient machines created before the collapse, icky Zerg-style burrowing horrors and devastating weapons that may be hundreds of years old. The idea is to give a sci-fi shooter the sense of magic and mystery you'd expect of a fantasy RPG. The gunplay itself is unlikely to disappoint, matching Bungie's proven abilities in this department to a set of skill trees or "Foci" that grant access to special moves like a teleport.

Destiny's hook is very simple: it's an opportunity for a great adventure. Providing the multiplayer isn't too intrusive, and the environments are labyrinthine enough to reward repeated play, this should be an FPS worthy of the studio's unrivalled pedigree.

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