10 Best Xbox 360 Weapons Ever

From snipers to shotguns, we list the best weapons on 360!

Your weapon of choice says a lot about who you are as a player.

The pray 'n spray type will likely go for some sort of assault rifle or machine gun, so they don't have to worry too much about aiming and can get on with the killing. The cultured gentleman who wants to show off his skill will choose a sniper rifle. Those who are daring might wage a war using little more than a knife...

But out of all the games on Xbox 360, what are the best weapons? Which gun is most likely to inspire fear and demand respect from your opponents? Which is just out and out the coolest weapon to use?

Here are the top 10 weapons on Xbox 360...

  • 10. Trap-bolt (as seen in: Bioshock)

One of the highlights of Bioshock is duking it out with the Big Daddies, figuring out how to make best use of your arsenal to take down the living, breathing tanks as they ominously stomp about. Beyond the proximity mines and frag grenades, it's a tricky task.

Then you get the crossbow and the trap-bolt ammo that comes with it, allowing you to set electric lines of death throughout Rapture's elaborate corridors. There are few sights more satisfying than seeing a Big Daddy get tangled up like a fly in an electric web as he stumbles into your perfectly placed trapped.

  • 9. Mortar Strike (as seen in: Battlefield: Bad Company)

One of the most destructive weapons in Battlefield, the mortar strike is a classic example of risk versus reward.

The risk is remaining completely still for a few seconds as you call in the mortar strike on your target of choice. The reward are mortars raining down from the sky, turning buildings into a dusty mess of rubble and broken corpses from players who thought it was safe to hide.

  • 8. Spartan Laser (as seen in: Halo 3)

The most powerful weapon in Halo 3, everything about the Spartan Laser is absolutely perfect. The foreboding red laser, the sound of the spartan laser charging up, the laser itself that cuts through more than one player if lined up properly.

The real measure of how powerful a weapon is, is how much you respect it when it's in the hands of a good player. Once someone decent gets their hands on a Spartan Laser, the ensuing scramble for cover says it all.

  • 7. Torque Bow (as seen in: Gears of War)

Whirrwhirrwhirrwhirr... thunk. BOOM. The torque bow is easily one of the best weapons on Xbox 360 and a lot of that is down to the noise it makes. Whenever the tell-tale whirring of a torque bow kicks in, it's not unusual for team-mates to panic. "Is that you with the torque bow? Who's got the torque bow?!" Thunk. BOOM.

It's also one of the most imaginative weapons out there. Essentially a bow and arrow, you need to charge it up for your shot to 'penetrate' the enemy, which results in instant death when the arrow explodes. Of course, spending too long charging up the bow while aiming it makes you an easy target for another weapon further down the list...

  • 6. Gravity Gun (as seen in: Half-Life 2)

Say what you want about the storyline and the game itself, the real legacy of Half-Life 2 is its Gravity Gun, which wasn't so much a weapon as it was a toy to be played around with.

You don't realise how fun the Gravity Gun is until you get to Ravenholm and start firing sawblades around with murderous glee. Every level, object and enemy afterwards becomes a chance to experiment further with one of the most innovative weapons seen in gaming.

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