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How to access Xbox One's secret developer menu - at your own risk

Microsoft warns against making use of hidden devkit options

Here's something we didn't cover in yesterday's piece on frequently asked Xbox One questions - how to turn your retail console into a development kit (or at least, start the process off) with a simple string of button inputs. Microsoft strongly advises that you refrain from doing this, however. It could brick your console.

As discovered by a Reddit user overnight, pressing left bumper, right bumper, left trigger and right trigger in sequence unlocks a developer menu, which includes options like "enable devkit". You might want to think twice before ticking or unticking any of the boxes, as this could render the Xbox One unusable.


"Changing the settings in this menu is only intended for developers for Xbox One, and this alone does not turn the console into a development kit," a Microsoft rep explained to Kotaku, via CVG.

"We strongly advise consumers against changing these settings as it could result in their Xbox One becoming unusable. Customers who have put their consoles into this developer setting can revert by restoring factory defaults under Settings / System, select Restore Factory Defaults."

Further down the Reddit thread, a "confirmed" Xbox One developer (whose identity appears to have been validated by mods) has also cautioned users to steer clear.

"Please don't mess with anything here for the time being, especially the sandbox ID. You risk putting your box into a boot loop."

Microsoft plans to eventually unlock every retail Xbox One for use as a development kit, given prior approval from the manufacturer. It has also launched a new self-publishing program, ID@Xbox, which is designed to make life easier (and cheaper) for smaller studios. ID@Xbox affords "total control" of the console's various resources, according to Microsoft exec Phil Harrison. You can read more about it here.

"I have no idea how far along the ID@Xbox program is," the aforesaid "confirmed" developer added. "There are many concerns such as privacy, security, stability etc.., that need to be sorted out before we can allow anyone and everyone to simply sideload an app onto their box."

So, who's brave enough to try it?