Battlefield 4 Xbox One update out next week, "will focus on stability and performance"

"Stay tuned for full patch notes."

Be of good cheer and gladsome aspect, Battlefield 4 players on Xbox One - the cavalry is a-coming. DICE has announced that it will release a title update on Xbox Live next week, which will hopefully rectify some of the game's severe multiplayer issues. No, it won't add cavalry to the vehicle selection. That was me doing a joke.

"Just a quick note that we're finalizing the upcoming Xbox One Game Update and aiming to have that live the week of Dec 2," reads a post on the official forums, passed on by Videogamer. "We will share the patch notes for this update soon. The update will focus on stability and performance, and includes a fix for the so-called 'one-shot kill bug'. Stay tuned for full patch notes."


Yesterday, Studios boss and ex-DICE head Patrick Söderlund conceded that EA could do a much better job of its bug-testing. He added, however, that "there are certain things, especially in an online-focused environment, that you won't catch.

"I wish I could day that we will, but I don't think we'll ever catch everything. I think we've got better at it, but I certainly think we're not where we need to be in terms of getting games to market that offer a friction-free experience."

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