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343 design director discusses Halo 4's failings and the franchise's future

Brad Welch wants your input on "future stuff"

343's design director Brad Welch is right in the middle of a fascinating Twitter exchange with various players and journalists (hello, Mike Gapper!) about Halo 4's multiplayer design, and (thus) where the franchise at large might head. None of it qualifies as granite-hard intel on the status of Halo for Xbox One, but it may be worth ruminating over. Or indeed, responding to. Welch is a fan of constructive feedback.

For starters, here are a few excerpts on finding a balance between messier, dabbler-friendly Big Team Battles and more surgical four versus four encounters.

To wash that down, a discussion of Halo 4's ranking system...

...followed by a short discussion of how the developer might represent skill to the player...

...and an apology for what Welch considers to be an imbalanced set of DLC maps.

Here's something in the way of a Final Thought:

Tickled? Here's an extended write-up from me about the future of Halo on Xbox One. Other than its frame rate and the dedicated server support, we know very little about the game.