Free Xbox One games: complete list of Games with Gold and free-to-play titles

Update - Chariot goes free in October

Ho, adventurer! Please accept with our compliments a round-up of free games for Xbox One, including details and download links for the games Microsoft gives away to Xbox Gold subscribers each month as part of the Games with Gold programme.

There are also a number of free-to-play titles and generous trials to sample. If you can think of a title we've missed, by all means let us know about it, and don't forget to bookmark this page - we'll update it as and when new freebies sail into harbour. You may wish to bookmark our list of the latest free Xbox 360 games, too.

Free Xbox One games with Gold for October


Well here's something you don't play everyday: a 2D corpse-dragging simulation, with local co-op support. OK, so Chariot isn't as grisly as we've just made it sound. It's a sweet, smart platformer in which players manoeuvre a king's coffin through 25 levels spread across five underground environments, gathering gold on the way in order to construct an appropriately opulent tomb. Expect plenty of Ye Olde Physics Puzzles, many of which actually involve using the coffin as a counterweight or platform. You'll also have to worry about grave robbers and cave rodents. Oh, and the grumpy ghost of the king himself. Brilliantly bizarre, though we've yet to decide whether the puzzles are worth it.

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Super Time Force

A blisteringly weird side-scrolling action-platform from the developers of Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, in which you play as an army of temporally displaced heroes with unique attacks. Die, and you can rewind to any point in the level and play again alongside the ghosts of past selves. It's original, chaotic and beautifully styled, though the game doesn't quite do the core concept justice. "Intricate but problematic, immediately exciting but a little stupid," our review concluded.

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Crimson Dragon

An on-rails blaster in the Panzer Dragoon tradition that features RPG-style levelling, a co-op Wingman mechanic, diverse weapons and/or powers and missions that are designed to be replayed for higher scores. Alas, it's hurt by free-to-play monetisation mechanics and some awkward controls. According to our Crimson Dragon review, the game "entertains most when it's the power fantasy it wants to be - when you're mopping up streams of curious beasts from an early level, with credits and items flying into your backpack as you 100% a level. When you're beset, besieged, and bullied by streams of incoming missiles, you feel cheated rather than challenged, and the beckoning gem shop makes the process feel dirty."

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Free Xbox One games for all time


Free to play, requires Gold
Slightly unwieldy but content-stuffed free-to-play co-op shooter from Digital Extremes, developer of Dark Sector and The Darkness 2. Players star as an ethereal warrior known as a Tenno, who must wrest the solar system back from a variety of alien nasties. You'll get to grips with futuristic melee weapons, such as energy katanas and hammers, together with rifles, shotguns and the like. Everything in the game can be crafted, so there's no need to pay extra for new suits and gear, but it'll take you a long time to unlock them all. Download here.

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Powerstar Golf

Free to play, doesn't require Gold
The free version of Zoe Mode's charming golf sim gives you a selection of events including a hole from every course. You can sample stroke or match play, earn XP and credits and collect new gear to improve your abilities. Progress can be saved and carried over to the full version of the game. Read our review for more.

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Project Spark

Completely free, doesn't require Xbox Gold
An incredibly powerful and user-friendly game creation tool kit, which is free regardless of supporting platform - PC, Xbox 360 or Windows 8. You don't even need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to get involved. Project Spark is based on the elderly Kodu Gamelab for Xbox Live Indie Games, and allows you to sculpt the landscape using Xbox SmartGlass controls, place items by way of Kinect, and even use the Kinect's fancy pants new camera and microphone functionality as motion and voice capture tools. User creations we've laid eyes on range from pitch-black survival horror experiences to side-scrolling shooters and RPGs.

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Killer Instinct

Versus, Survival, Practice and Dojo modes free with one character (download here)
Individual characters $4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99
Combo Breaker Pack (eight characters) $19.99 / £16.99 / €19.99
Ultra Edition (eight characters, includes Killer Instinct Classic) $39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99

Double Helix has shied away from labelling Xbox One's Killer Instinct reboot as a free to play game, instead deciding to call it "the world's most generous demo." But, demo or not, there's still plenty to do with Killer Instinct without ever having to pay a penny. Downloading the game from the Xbox Live Store will net you one free character, and Double Helix has promised that this character will be changed every couple of months or so, to give people a feel for all the different fighting styles as you play through the Versus and Survival modes, which are both completely free with that initial download.

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You'll also get full access to the game's robust tutorial mode gratis, which teaches you not only the basics and more advanced mechanics of Killer Instinct, but of fighting games in general. Now that's a life skill you can take right to the bank.

Kinect Sports Rivals

Pre-Season Trial is free with Gold (download here)
Another colourful fitness sim from Rare, which has a bigger community focus than its predecessors on Xbox 360. One of the game's six sporting activities, wake racing, is available free and supports both online and split-screen multiplayer. Rare plans to keep the proceedings fresh by way of regular community challenges, and there's a Champions feature that compares to Forza 5's Drivatars - a digital approximation of your abilities will race against other players while you're offline. The trial also ships with a specially recorded all-new tune, Collide by Youngblood Hawke. Unfortunately, the Preseason offering doesn't include the 'Create a Champion' feature, by way of which Kinect scans your face and body into the game.

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Again, we'll update this list as more free games are added, so do keep checking back. In the meantime, make sure you're getting the most out of your new console and the launch games with these eight Xbox One tips and tricks.