Minecraft: Xbox One Edition developer: "it won't be long until we're talking about it in earnest"

New Minecraft mash-ups may also be on the way after Skyrim

The Xbox One launch line-up is pretty wide-ranging. You've got Zoo Tycoon for the tykes, COD: Ghosts for the FPS squad, Ryse to sate any appetite for action and adventure, and Dead Rising 3 to cover just about everyone else. And yet - it feels like there's something missing. One crucial game that pretty much changed our relationship with our Xbox 360. Where's our Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, eh 4J?

Whilst speaking to lead producer at Microsoft Roger Carpenter recently, we took the opportunity to shoot him a furtive question over when we can expect Minecraft to grace our Xbox One consoles in all its square-eyed glory. "Nothing to share at the moment," he told us, "but hopefully it won't be long before we'll be talking about Minecraft: Xbox One Edition in earnest. There are lots of cool things being worked on, we've been paying attention to what the community has been asking for..."


We also spoke to Carpenter (what a perfect name that is for a Minecraft spokesperson, by the way) about the Minecraft Skyrim mash-up, and asked how nightmarish the approval process must have been. "It was easy," he admitted, explaining that Bethesda "wasn't protective at all" about their franchise. "I think it comes down to the care and respect the 4J chaps have taken over the creation of the mash-up," Carpenter continued, "We promised Bethesda that we'd take good care of its IP and we did. The company has been a pleasure to work with."

Can we expect more Minecraft Mash-Ups after Skyrim, then?

"Yes," he replied, "we've been discussing quite a few ideas for future mash-ups. The aim is that they're special creations - we're not going to do loads of them. The hope is that they provide players with something visually unique for them to enjoy their slice of Minecraft with."

You can read all about our full interview with Carpenter in the new issue of OXM, which is on sale now. You can also buy the Minecraft Skyrim mash-up pack right here.

For £2.69, you get a new Norid-themed texture set, over 40 unique character skins (including Dragonborn, Lydia, and Aela the Huntress), a pre-made world that replicates the locales of Whiterun, Riverwood and other iconic areas, and 20 tracks from the Skyrim soundtrack that will replace Minecraft's usual background music.