Microsoft working on free-to-play AAA Xbox game based on "successful" first party IP

Producer needed to "to drive the future of gaming"

Microsoft Studios appears to have another bun in the oven, as per a vacancy for a Technical Producer spotted by Dualshockers. The publisher is in the market for a free-to-play expert to work on a new first party free-to-play game, seemingly for Xbox.

The luckiest candidate will "drive the future of gaming through a hybrid of AAA quality games and service-based experiences, technology, and business models", working with "external game developers and an internal team of cross-discipline employees in Microsoft's Xbox organization".


He or she will "lead the production, execution and integration of key technologies and features necessary to support the service components of a new game based on an existing, successful Microsoft Studios IP". Desirable experience includes work on "AAA" console or PC titles, along with a strong understanding of the concept of games as services.

What could it be? Pretty much anything, at this point - we've heard hints that there are unannounced projects underway at Lionhead and Rare, in addition to the untitled Super-Secret Increda-Exclusive in development at Black Tusk Studios, recently thrilled over by Aoife in her piece on the six mystery Xbox One titles we're dying to uncover. There's also newcomer Lift London, which is working on four new free-to-play games that will "redefine" triple-A.

Indirect or post-release monetisation is shaping up to be a major component of Microsoft's publishing strategy next gen - the Xbox One will launch with a free-to-play fighter, Killer Instinct. Here's a feature from me on how to create great games that earn their keep in this fashion.