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Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC details possibly leaked - seven maps "outed"

Swamp, Battery, Red River, Rumble, Gaza, Dome and Boneyard

Downloadable content for Call of Duty: Ghosts? Reader, I'm as shocked and titillated as you are. Infinity Ward appears to have let slip the names of seven forthcoming DLC maps, via Reddit and as reported by CVG. One of the maps, Dome, may be a remake of a map from Modern Warfare 3.

The other maps are Swamp, Battery, Red River, Rumble, Gaza and Boneyard - they were spotted on a developer Moshpit lobby, which was accidentally made public (or so users claim) last night. Activision has announced four Ghosts DLC map packs thus far, all down to release on Xbox platforms first. You can buy them all for the price of three by picking up the game's Season Pass.


If you've yet to buy the latest Call of Duty, know that "Ghosts maintains that heady, intoxicating momentum of shoot, kill, win, reward - but pales at the thought of taking the franchise in any interesting new directions", as per Aoife's review. Here's a video of the Xbox One version, of which we'll have more to say this week.