Skylanders: Swap Force is native 1080p on Xbox One

Activision's other blockbuster console franchise outclasses Call of Duty on clarity of visuals

This is your daily PSA-style broadcast to remind you that the Xbox One is, indeed, capable of native 1080p visuals, whatever you may have read to the contrary. The latest illustration of this is Skylanders: Swap Force, a cross-gen instalment of Vicarious Visions' wildly successful blend of toy collecting and action-platforming.

The game's engine was "always built with next-gen in mind," in the words of producer Chris Wilson, via Polygon. He neglected to tell the site what this claim actually boils down to; fortunately, there's a big old feature on Skylanders in the current issue of OXM, from which I've clipped the following insights on the tech.


"Notable effects include volumetric water, dynamic lighting with ambient occlusion, physics, high levels of antialiasing/anisotropic filtering, and the biggie - parallax occlusion mapping, a cutting edge effect used to procedurally create 3D definition in textured surfaces," it reads. Good grief, that's a lot of consonants. Is consonant use proportional to resolution, do you think?

Preponderance of volumetric somethings aside, Swap Force is basically the same game on Xbox One and Xbox 360 - there are no new features specific to the platform's unique features, such as that built-in Kinect. Press Start Australia has some next gen console footage, from Gamescom. What do you think? Does it give Call of Duty a run for its money?

Skylanders: Swap Force is an Xbox One launch game. Catch our thoughts on the console's day one line-up here.