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Upgrading from Xbox 360 to Xbox One - seven things you need to do

Our bodies are ready - are our living rooms?

We're so close. So very close in fact, I found myself eyeing up my Xbox 360 over the weekend, pondering where it would go after the Xbox One inevitably takes its place in my TV unit. These are the things that keep the OCD side of my brain up at night. And how about you? Have you given any practical thought to how you'll prepare for the arrival of your shiny new next gen consoles?

Console relocation aside, there are certain ways you can ease the transition from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. Here are seven tips to get you started - holler in the comments below if you've got any more to add to the pile.

1. Consider upgrading your current gen games
If you've already bought FIFA 14, Call of Duty: Ghosts or Battlefield 4 for Xbox 360, you may be able to trade in your current gen copy for a shiny new Xbox One version at certain retail stores. GAME is offering a guaranteed trade-in value of £40 on these titles when you upgrade to a next gen version, and your multiplayer progress on some games (though not your single player campaign saves) will carry over onto your next gen console. [Update: Apologies, this may also apply to Assassin's Creed IV:Black Flag multiplayer saves, but Ubisoft has yet to confirm this.]


2. Decide whether to buy physical or digital
The way we see it, one of the most important choices you'll have to make going forward into next gen is whether you'll be ditching physical boxes or not. Now that most games will receive a simultaneous retail and digital release, you can decide for yourself whether you want another console generation's worth of cases and discs taking up space in your living room or bedroom. Perhaps the collector in you likes, but the thought of having everything neatly stored away onto your hard drive is a tempting one. Those games can't get scratched, broken, or 'lost' by a soon-to-be-former-friend, after all. Or traded back for credit.


3. Dress your avatar for the occasion
Your Xbox Live account will carry over to the new console, so your Gamerscore, Achievements, Friends list and wallet balance will be intact upon your move over to the Xbox One. However, your Xbox One account now allows for glorious 1080p gamerpics. There's a generous library of pre-rendered pics to choose from (as glimpsed over on DualShockers, courtesy of Twitter user MoonlightSwami), but you can also personalise further with gigantic snaps of your own Xbox Live avatar. Now might be the time for a quick haircut.


4. Decide whether to keep hold of your Xbox 360
The only items that absolutely won't carry over from your Xbox Live account (until further notice, at least) are Xbox 360 games purchased via Xbox Live - the Xbox One hardware is incompatible with software created for the old hardware. The Xbox One does have an HDMI in port, however, so you could plug your Xbox 360 into your Xbox One and achieve gaming unity that way. Or, just run both consoles side by side for the time being. Having to switch plugs and HDMI sockets is annoying, we know, but it ranks somewhere below running out of hummus on the First World Problems scale.

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