"We have graphics envy" about Forza and Ryse, quips Dead Rising 3 producer

But we just want to "be the best-looking Dead Rising game we can"

Dead Rising 3 became notorious last night after it was revealed that - shock - Capcom Vancouver's latest is one of those dreadful, dreadful 720p resolution Xbox One games, the kind absolutely nobody can bear looking at without first scooping their own eyes out with bits of shattered Kinect sensor.

Speaking to OXM a mere handful of hours before this awful revelation, producer Mike Jones conceded that the likes of Forza Motorsport 5 and Ryse leave Dead Rising 3 somewhat in the shadow, but observed that out-prettying these, drastically dissimilar titles had never been a priority.


"We have graphics envy!" he began, when I broached the comparison. "We go home and cry ourselves to sleep that we don't have rendering as pretty as Ryse and Forza. We sit there and look at it all day, right, all the reflective surfaces and the other nice stuff.

"But we come from Dead Rising 1 and Dead Rising 2," Jones continued. "Where we were confined to really small gameplay spaces, we couldn't afford dynamic lighting, we couldn't afford dynamic shadows, we couldn't afford deferred lighting or super high-res photo-sourced textures, any of that stuff, because we were spending all of our chips on number of zombies, number of weapons and things.

"We had all these harsh loading zones, we were trying to do all we could to maximise that experience of a guy surviving tonnes of zombies, right? And so with Xbox One, not only have we been able to eliminate the loading zones, make the areas exponentially larger than before, but now we can actually afford the visual stuff we couldn't before. We can have nice things! So to speak.

"All the artists have been loving the fact that they can put deferred lighting in, they can put reflective textures in there, mess with all this stuff. Give everything shadows! Which makes this game - when you put DR2 and DR3 side by side, all we're trying to do is be the best-looking Dead Rising game we can. Obviously we can't compete with Ryse, we can't compete with Forza in terms of sheer visuals, but we do want to compete against ourselves."


This is the same Mike Jones who politely suggested that people stop "freaking out" about Dead Rising 3's frame rate a month or so back - read more of his thoughts in our comprehensive Dead Rising 3 feature, which asks the pressing question: "aren't zombie guts all we really want anyway?"

Capcom Vancouver is already throwing around ideas for Dead Rising 4, though Microsoft has yet to announce any plans on this front. Do you think that's a credible possibility?