Ryse: Son of Rome designer still wants to make "the killer Kinect app"

"Obviously if we were doing that I couldn't really talk about it."

Ryse: Son of Rome's status as a Kinect-only game might be a fading memory, but Crytek's game design director PJ Estevez would still like to revisit the idea on Xbox One - or at least, to do something "really awesome" with the new Kinect sensor.

The game was announced for Xbox 360 as a first-person brawler with Kinect gesture controls, but Crytek ultimately took the design back to the drawing board. "There were various suggestions on the table, and that ultimately led to the creation of three prototype versions of the game," senior producer Brian Chambers revealed in September. "One played exclusively with Kinect, a second that combined Kinect and controller, and then one final version that was not only played with controller, but that also showed our lead character, Marius, on screen."


Aoife asked Estevez whether he'd consider returning to the original concept at an Xbox One event in London this week. "Obviously if we were doing that I couldn't really talk about it," he said, after a long pause. "But I believe in Kinect still. I would still like to, you know, make the killer Kinect app. And I've pretty much seen as much as you could see of Kinect, and creatively as a designer, I still would want to do something really awesome for it.

"I think you could just like, take stock of that, because especially with the new Kinect - I mean, it's really amazing some of the stuff that's happening in the background with the hardware," Estevez continued. "And whether or not Crytek is going to do it or someone else is going to do it, I just don't know.

"But having been there, gone that route, we were able to achieve some really amazing things, and my hope is that if its not going to be us, someone's going to do something where you'll finally say, 'hey, this is awesome'."


Son of Rome still supports Kinect - you can order troops around with voice commands while you're handing out combos care of a controller. "The voice libraries for the new Kinect, we use them for our troop commands, and it just works," Estevez observed. "It's fun! It's silly - sometimes you get into the game and you put on a stupid voice and yell "fire volley!" and all this kind of stuff, and it just works."

Watch out for more on Ryse in the very next issue of OXM, which hits shelves alongside the Xbox One itself on 22nd November. Here's our most recent hands-on.