Xbox Gold users get 15 free Xbox Music plays on Xbox One before having to pay

UPDATE: Albert Penello retracts original claim that service is free

Microsoft's Albert Penello has confirmed that Gold subscribers won't need to take out another subscription to run Xbox Music on Xbox One, though as with other streaming music services, you will have to reckon with the occasional ad.

Update: Alas, it appears Penello spoke in error. Xbox Gold users will be able to listen to 15 songs for free, before being asked to buy an Xbox Music Pass.


Original story continues:

The firm has redesigned Xbox Music to support Bing search, among other new features. Here's a breakdown of the additions and revisions from June.

Built-in Search: You'll have faster access to your favorite songs, artists and albums with an in-app "Search" bar.

Improved Collection Management: Simple access to your music starts in the "Collection," where the music that you've saved in the Xbox Music cloud and your local music and will be at the forefront of the app.

Streaming Radio Stations: "Radio" will offer seamless creation of new streaming Internet-radio stations based on artists you like and will give you faster access to your favorite Radio stations that you've already created.

Exploring the Music Store: "Explore" will take you into the Music Store where you can browse millions or songs, artists and albums.

Lists of Playlists: Your custom playlists will be available at a glance to quickly begin playback or make edits, and your playlists will continue to seamlessly sync to your other Xbox Music devices-like Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 8.

And here's the Penello Tweet in question.