Killer Instinct's Orchid gameplay trailer revealed, Spinal teased as next new character

That is my foot in your face

Damn gurl, them's some moves. It's decided - henceforth Orchid and Sadira are my KI dream team. They look like they'd be friends, and together we shall cut down all Xbox One players who stand in our path. Come at us, bros.

Super spy Orchid's gameplay trailer was revealed last night during an IGN livestream, and shows her kicking eight shades of crap into her brother Jago whilst a helicopter hovers outside. Her moves appear to be a mix of Christie-style capoeira and beat-downs with her two electrified billy clubs.


I'm also digging the theme tune ("touch me and I'll break your face" - apt), but trying hard to ignore the shots lingering over her thighs and ample posterior. Hey ho, at least they haven't resurrected that old boob-flashing special move. The fire cat move set, on the other hand, does seem to have evolved into new levels of badassery. Yes I'm obsessed - what of it?

Oh, and make sure to stay right to the end, when Killer Instinct's seventh character is revealed - it's good old Spinal. Find out his, and other KI character's backstory, in my handy guide. Killer Instinct launches, along with the Xbox One console itself, in exactly three weeks. Excited?

Thanks, IGN.