EA tackles Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 installation and loading bugs

A few tips from DICE for a smoother experience

Are you among the Chosen Few (i.e. North Americans, Germans, the Danish and residents of the Philippines) who are now playing Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360? Or are you languishing in the grip of a bug of some kind? Fear not, EA and DICE are labouring to fix a number of the game's (inevitable) launch week issues.

For starters, here are a few tips about installation - some players appear to be having difficulty getting the game to run, for want of a full-fat hard drive. "The first time you start your game, regardless of which disc you use, you will be asked to perform a required installation of 2 GB worth of game content to your hard drive," notes an EA Support post.


"Note, the above-required and below-additional installations can only be installed on Xbox 360 hard disk drives, and cannot be installed to USB drives, or other alternative storage devices. Battlefield 4 cannot be installed and played on a 4GB internal flash drive.

"You will have the option to accept the 2GB install or quit. Quitting will return you to the Xbox dashboard, and you will not be able to play Battlefield 4."

There's also a problem that causes an infinite loading screen when joining a multiplayer server. "This issue has been solved in the Multiplayer update," explains another Support post. "So we suggest all players download and install that update. It is not a mandatory update, so if you are encountering the loading screen issue, please make sure you have downloaded it."

Last but not least, returning Battlefielders may have trouble getting hold of certain free veterans-only DLC. "Due to a mis-labeling error, Battlefield 3 Players set to receive a Veteran Battlepack for Battlefield 4 upon logging into their game or Battlelog will experience a delay in the delivery of their Battlepacks, but rest assured that appropriate players will still receive their due packs as soon as possible.

"Some players may have already received and been able to claim these packs in Battlelog, however players will no longer be able to claim their rewards until this issue has been corrected."

Battlefield 4 launches in the UK on 1st November. Will you buy it, or will you wait for the Xbox One version? Here's our Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 review to help you decide.