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Sega will re-release and remake more classic games if fans make their voices heard, says producer

"The things staff members wanted to express in the past but couldn't are now possible with today's technology"

This year marks Sega's 30th anniversary, so it only makes sense that the company seems to be going through a bit of a mid-life crisis. After the abysmal reception of Aliens: Colonial Marines earlier this year and yet another batch of tepid review scores for the company's long put-upon mascot Sonic, Sega is now turning towards its fans and requesting their input and ideas for future console remakes and re-releases.

In an interview with Siliconera, Sega's third CS Research and Development producer, Yosuke Okunari spoke about the importance of good remakes, and how what the company does next will depend on what its fans want to see.


"I started with Dragon Force of the Sega Ages 2500 series that was released on August of 2005," Okunari said. "This series features remade titles from the past, but Virtua Fighter 2's faithful remake that was released in 2004, was very well received.

"From that, I was able to understand what it takes to make such a faithful remake, and it's something I've put a lot of importance in, since I've started working on the series. So, we developed the Space Harrier Complete Collection, an entire compilation of the series, to go with the various generations of our customers."

""The concept was to recreate the games exactly the way they were originally made. The things staff members wanted to express in the past but couldn't, are now possible with today's technology. And we'd like to share that joy. For our next lineup, it will depend on all of your voices, so please continue to support us."