Free GTA Online money won't be released till "progress loss issues are addressed", says Rockstar

More news "soon", says developer

Looking forward to the first instalment of GTA Online Stimulus money this week, a cool $250,000 of $500,000 in total? I don't want to be a harbinger of doom, but I suspect you'll have to wait a bit longer. Writing on social media and its own forum, Rockstar has reiterated that it needs to make sure a glitch that causes player progress loss has been sorted before beaming over the funds.

"We hope to have an update for you on that very soon," reads a comment below the top article on NewsWire, posted a few hours ago. "As others have mentioned here, we of course want to make sure player progress loss issues are addressed before providing everyone with their GTA$500K. Thanks for your patience and please stay tuned." There's also this Tweet from yesterday.


The first wodge of free GTA Online cash was originally slated to arrive last week, and constitutes an apology for the game's on-going technical issues. Rockstar released another GTA 5 update this week, nobbling a number of "infinite money" glitches in the process. It appears some players are still having trouble keeping hold of their character data.

Rockstar has also suggested we "stay tuned" for info on "the forthcoming new content such as the Beach Bum Pack, Content Creator and Heists." Aoife's already put together a few thoughts about where GTA 5's first proper expansions might take us.

She's also written a guide to having fun in GTA Online without spending money. Sounds like this will continue to be worth your attention for the moment.