Killer Instinct Xbox One character guide - how Double Helix has updated the movesets

The six c-c-c-confirmed characters so far, plus three more potentials

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Making her introduction in the Xbox one reboot, Sadira is a completely new character to the KI series. Ed's initial description of her as 'Dame Sticky Stabalot' is pretty spot on: she's a super agile character that relies on superior mobility to flummox her opponents. Armed with both a double jump and a backflip dash move, she's at her best when launching foes into the air for some aerial juggles with her spider-themed strikes.

Watching her play, it's hard to see how she won't easily trample other characters. Fortunately Double Helix says it will make regular balancing tweaks via the Xbox One cloud - as with Xbox One games in general, these will happen in the background rather than arriving care of a title update. The studio is alive to the risks of overdoing things, however, and wants to avoid knee-jerk tweaks.

B. Orchid
A secret agent sent to investigate disappearances associated with Ultratech, Black Orchid is also Jago's older sister. In the original games, she used her legs and a variety of weapons to fight, and could transform into a fire-cat thing for a quick forward dash. Her original finishing moves included her unzipping her top, causing her foes to faint at the horrendous/heavenly sight of whatever was underneath. Classy - let's hope that particular attack is left on the cutting room floor this time around.

We've yet to see her in action, but the tease at the end of Sadira's gameplay trailer shows Orchid (in a slightly more functional outfit) flipping into the arena with a sort of billy club weapon. She summons a fire cat to stand beside her, rather than morphing into one herself, which suggests that Double Helix has altered her moveset somewhat.

One of three characters that Double Helix has more or less confirmed will appear in the reboot, red-hot criminal Cinder used to go by the name Ben Ferris, until a chemical accident set his body permanently aflame. Naturally, most of his attacks are fire-based, although he also has the ability to temporarily turn invisible.


A cyborg built by Ultratech, the first Fulgore was destroyed by Jago at the end of the original KI tournament. A second Fulgore has now been created, who understandably considers Jago to be his ultimate nemesis. He fights using plasma claws, lasers and energy shields. An updated version could potentially play like Mortal Kombat's Cyrax or Sektor.


A character who resembles an extra from the stop-motion Jason and the Argonauts film, skeleton Spinal has been resurrected by Ultratech and generally fights with a scimitar and buckler shield. He's also capable of teleporting and transforming energy into fireballs, but there's no word yet on whether his moveset will be updated for the reboot.


Have you got a favourite out of the characters announced so far, or are there any other classic characters you hope Double Helix will bring back for the game's 'Season Two' content? Let us know. Though the fighting has certainly won me over, I'm still not convinced about KI's pricing structure - read all about it in my hands-on preview from Gamescom.

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