New potentially next gen fighter in the works at Capcom, says Yoshinori Ono

Come on, Rival Schools 3...

So here's a thing. Tweets from one Yoshinori Ono this morning would seem to suggest that Capcom are crewing up to start work on a new fighting game.

Posted along with an obligatory pic of his ubiquitous Blanka figure, Street Fighter's executive producer Ono announced that Capcom were looking to hire a new game designer and programmer for a New Fighting Game. Note the capitalisation of each word. He means business, people.

The position would be based at either Capcom's Tokyo or Osaka offices, and Ono confirmed that the studio was "making preparation for development in just now." When asked by a fan whether the game would be a next gen title, he replied "I can't speak, it's imagine that..." I think a next gen title would be a safe assumption.

What could the new fighting game be? Street Fighter 5? Capcom All Stars? Or my personal favourite possibility, Rival Schools 3?