Use custom images as Crew Emblems in Grand Theft Auto Online

Give your crew some personalised motif-ation

When you're rolling with a crew in GTA: Online you'll want to let everyone know who you're representing, whether it's your group of friends or our very own OXM Crew. But when it comes to making an emblem, we've had to make do with Rockstar's very capable - but not perfect - Emblem Editor.

However, it transpires that since the release of Grand Theft Auto V some very clever people have worked out how to use custom images from your computer as emblems in the game. All you need is some text editing software, a browser that lets you edit HTML and an image editing program that can create SVG files.

We've been forwarded this comprehensive tutorial from Alex Noon, who shows you how to convert almost any image into something you can stick on your in-game GTA:Online avatar or their car in about ten minutes:

Of course, presumably Rockstar can still see - and have the power to remove - any emblems that break any rules in terms of offensiveness, so we'd play it safe if at all possible and try to keep your images decent. If you think you've made a particularly good one, why not share it with us in the comments below? For more, here's a list of our favourite glitches from both GTA 5 and GTA Online.