The best GTA 5 & GTA Online glitches: unlimited RP and money, invincibility and magic taxis

All's fare in love and Los Santos

What level are you up to in GTA Online now? Have you got there solely through hard work and grinding? Here's to you, friend - the internet is currently awash with exploits and cheats that promise to net more morally dubious players a quick buck. It's not easy to stay strong in the face of such temptation, despite rumours that Rockstar are cracking down hard on such naughty behaviour.

Not all glitches are about turning a dirty profit. Some are just downright funny, and we freely admit that those are by far our favourite kind. I've compiled a list of GTA's most notable bugs below - some for their online infamy, and others, well, you'll see. Enjoy.

Unlimited money exploit
A glitch which allows you to sell the same vehicle over and over again to Los Santos Customs and make a potentially infinite amount of money. A video guide is below - in essence, it's the same bug as the one that allowed you to rob the same liquor store till multiple times, but on a much grander scale. BE WARNED, however - reports are surfacing that Rockstar has taken to banning the accounts of players who use this bug to make big bucks. Your character and/or account could be instantly and unceremoniously frozen for tampering with such dark forces. Weigh that up carefully before proceeding.

Update - Sadly, this exploit seems to have been fixed by the latest GTA 5 patch.

Unlimited reputation
Got plenty of cash already? If it's rep you're after, it appears that there's a bug for that too. This glitch was working six days ago, when the video below was uploaded, but bear in mind that it could have been patched out by this morning's title update, and that there's a distinct possibility Rockstar will come down hard on anyone who acquires a suspiciously over-sized reputation overnight.

There are as-yet unknown parameters required for this glitch to work, but the uploader of the video above theorises that you need to have at least two cars stored in your garage, saying that the exploit didn't kick in for him until he replaced his personal motorbike with a sports car. A handy way to quickly jump forward a few levels, if you don't mind running the risk of getting into trouble with the powers-that-be.

The great gate car catapult
For a glitch that's more silly fun than fraudulent, and potentially fatal for your online character, you could try out the ridiculous 'gate launch glitch.' Similar to the swing set glitch in GTA IV, driving your vehicle into a certain automatic gate in the Rockford Hills can launch it high into the Los Santos skyline. This bug is wildly inconsistent, however: some people manage to do it instantly whilst others have tried to trigger it for hours to no avail. The best way to experience the carapult yourself is to acquire a sports car and drive it repeatedly into the side of the gate that it's opening from. Distances may vary - how far can you fly?

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