GTA 5 update 1.04 begins roll-out on Xbox 360, no sign of free GTA Online money yet

Rockstar to distribute Stimulus package once it's sure the bugs have been fixed

Grand Theft Auto 5's 1.04 update is beginning to appear on Xbox Live, as spotted by community members over at Rockstar News Wire. OXM can confirm that the update is live in the UK, but in keeping with prior patches, it may take a while to become available in your region.

There's no sign as yet of the first wodge of free GTA Online "Stimulus" money, slated to appear once Rockstar has fixed a number of progress loss problems. "We should have word on the next title update and timing on the first GTA$ deposit soon," the developer wrote in a site comment yesterday. "Thanks for your continued patience."


Everybody keep an eye out for a sudden surfeit of zeroes in the top right of your screen. In the meantime, you might be interested in our list of GTA Online's best-paying missions, to say nothing of the game's most pinchable cars.

Update: Rockstar has released a GTA 5 update 1.04 changelog. Looks like you won't be reselling the same vehicle endlessly any more. Also, the first instalment of free GTA Online money won't arrive till "early next week".