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Dead Rising 3 combo creations: the wackiest weapons on Xbox One

Hit and miss? Try taping a grenade to the end of your hammer

When the zombie apocalypse finally comes, the team here at OXM are in trouble. Not me, though - I've watched every episode of Buffy at least five times, which practically makes me a fully qualified Slayer. The other guys, however, are royally screwed. Our profession doesn't exactly provide us with the skills necessary for surviving an undead onslaught, see. I mean, what are they going to do, type the zombies to death?

Dead Rising 3's Nick Ramos is in a much better position. Unlike previous Dead Rising protagonists, he can create insane combo weapons without having to visit a workbench. What's more, he can bolt together vehicle hybrids like the Roller Hawg - read more about that particular item in my Dead Rising 3 hands-on. The number of ludicrous and lethal item recipes has increased exponentially since Chuck taped a hammer to a fireaxe in Dead Rising 2. Those homely old Slicecycles can do one, to put it frankly.


Here's a list of all the combo weapons we've managed to hunt down thus far from assorted DR3 trailers and assets. If you've spotted any more, let us know and we'll add them to the list. [Ed's note: I'd just like it to be known that I've ALSO watched loads of Buffy and I've got a white belt in Kung Fu (not officially recognised) and I thoroughly reject the claim that I'm zombie bait. So there.]

The Sledgesaw
A cross between a sledgehammer and cement saw, the cleverly-named sledgesaw combines the brute force and blunt trauma with razor-sharp stopping power. The handle of the hammer also extends the weapon's reach, so you'l be able to keep the zombies at arm's length. For an instant takedown, you can also use the Sledgesaw as a projectile weapon, hurling it full force into an unfortunate undead's face.

The Polearm
A variation on the spear-type weapons from previous Dead Rising games, Dead Rising 3's Polearm - spotted in the introductory video for Machinima's Xbox One Wingman app - looks considerably more deadly, owing to the additional pointy bits attached to its jabby end. The polearm is a nimble weapon, ideal for confronting more agile human enemies like Zhi, the murderous Buddhist monk. The same Machinima video also advises you to collect a Lone Blade book, which will boost a weapon's durability.

Dragon Punch
Of course Capcom wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to reference a few of its other game labels. The Dragon Punch, or Rocket Gloves, are created by combining a motorcycle engine with a pair of boxing gloves, and spur Nick into performing an almighty jumping uppercut, with the necessary accompanying cry of "Shoryuken!" It's entirely impractical when you're fighting dozens of zombies at once, but who cares about tactical efficiency when you're in the middle of your best Ryu impression?


Jazz Hands
The Jazz Hands weapon, unofficially referred to as the 'Wolverine gun', is hopefully as big on damage as it is on theatrics - Nick certainly adopts some threatening poses whilst wielding it. We aren't entirely sure what we'll need to combine to make these bad boys, but the result is a set of big metal gauntlets with a boomstick at the end of every fingertip. Imagine Edward Scissorhands, but with less Tim Burton and more bullets.


The Flaming Sword
You've got to admire the sheer simplicity of this one. Sure, you can still create Laser Swords in DR3 - an elegant weapon for a more civilised age, to be sure - but there's something more alluring, more primal, about a sword that is literally on fire. Achieved by combining a katana with a drum of motor oil, this beauty will surely be a staple of any self-respecting zombie hunter's inventory. Mmm, we can smell the burnt hair already.

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